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December 08, 2011



Dear Kitten Rex, I had the absolute honour of meeting your Mum this evening. She spoke of you with great fondness. I must say also that even though the photo of you on her iphone was very lovely, it did not do you justice. I see now that you are an exceptional beauty! I look forward to catching up with your mother tomorrow and of course am going to spend a very enjoyable time looking into your blog archives! XO's

Kitten Rex

Dear Aunty Sam
My mum told me about you as soon as she got home. She says you kicked her up the bum and reminded her this is MY blog and that I LOVE blogging.

I've been wanted to blog for months but mum doesn't realise that I need her help sometimes to check my spelling. Also my paws can be a bit big for the computer.

Mum tells me that she'll help me blog every Sunday now. THANK YOU for talking sense into her.

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